Individuals and departments may request access to Mcard photo data for their use, provided specific terms and conditions are met. If you are interested in obtaining photo data, review all university policies on photo use before proceeding:

There are two methods for obtaining photo data, which you select based on how you want to access and use the data:

  • Downloading photos using an RDA link - Recommended if you need to pull Mcard photos repeatedly for use in multiple projects
  • Receiving photos via an email attachment - Recommended if you need to pull Mcard photos once for a one-time project

For more information on each method, including how to proceed with requesting photos, see the appropriate section below.

Please note that Mcard photos have a small file size (approximately 16K), which is usually only appropriate for publication on websites. These photos are generally not suitable for print publications.

Downloading Photos Using an RDA Link

Individuals or departments who want access to photo data for internal purposes, such as for inclusion on class rosters, can request an RDA link. The RDA link method requires some technical knowledge in running database queries and downloading data into the local database from which it will be used. Requests for an RDA link are reviewed by the Campus Community Cross-Functional (CCXFT) team, which includes representatives from the Registrar's Office, Human Resources, ITS, and other groups that handle people data. The requestor may be asked to join a CCXFT meeting to discuss the request, ask/answer questions, and update the request form. Once the form is accepted, ITS will work with the requestor to complete the M1 RDA process for access to the photo data tables.

To request an RDA link:

  1. Complete the Mcard Photo Use Preliminary Request form.
  2. Email the completed form to the ITS Service Center at 4help@umich.edu.

Receiving Photos Via Email Attachments

Individuals or departments requesting photo data via email attachments (or on a CD) need to submit a request to the Mcard Administration (mcardadmin@umich.edu). The individual or department is responsible for obtaining permission from the Mcard holders and submitting copies of the permissions to the Mcard Administration before distribution of the photo data can occur. There is a charge for obtaining photos in this manner.

For instructions on how to request photos via email attachments, see the Department photo rosters & facebooks page on the Mcard website.

Need Assistance?

If you are unsure about which delivery method you need, you can contact ITS for assistance. Submit a ticket with the ITS Service Center at 4help@umich.edu and include the following information:

  1. Requestor name
  2. Department/Unit
  3. If you plan to download the photos into a database, what type of database are you using?
  4. Number of expected photos

For further assistance or questions on Mcard photos, contact the ITS Service Center: