Copy a Special Request eProcurement Requisition


There are two options in M-Pathways to duplicate an eProcurement requisition (ePro req) you have created in the past. Either option may save you data entry time when creating a new ePro req.

  • Copying an ePro req opens an identical version of a previously submitted req, including the supplier, lines, and ChartField distributions. Use this option when you need to place repetitive orders with a specific supplier. You cannot copy ePro reqs created by another individual.
  • Using an ePro req template allows you to add lines from a saved list of items after entering the requisition defaults (e.g., supplier) for the new req. Use this option if you frequently order the same items, but vary the ShortCode/ChartField combination for each order. Refer to ePro Requisition Template for instructions. You cannot create a template for M-marketsite ePro reqs.


NavBar > Navigator > eProcurement > Manage Requisitions

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Select Copy from the Select Action drop-down list for the desired ePro req.

    Field locations for steps 1-2

  2. Click Go.


    • When you copy a req, you have the option to edit it prior to submitting it.
    • Refer to Create a Special Request eProcurement Requisition if you need to change the lines on the copied req before submission.
    • If applicable, use the Delete Row delete row icon button to delete lines from the copied req.

  3. Click Save & submit.
  4. Verify the Status.


    Field locations for steps 4-7

  5. Click Check Budget.
  6. Review the Budget Status:
  7. If applicable, click View printable version to display a printable version of the requisition in a separate browser window.